Sunday, August 02, 2009

After another long nap this afternoon, I'm now feeling completely functional.

Which, of course, should make life interesting when it's time to go to bed. But we'll see how that goes in a few hours.

We pick the Kitty Committee up from being boarded at the vet's tomorrow. They still might need to eat soft food for a few more days, given that they had teeth extracted during the week we were away. I had a chat with the vet's office on Friday, for an update on how the cats were doing, and I reminded them that the kitties like to have ice cubes either added to their water bowl or in a separate dish.

There's actually a logical reason why the Royal Felines have gotten to like ice cubes. It started last summer when our air conditioner was going senile and the house was constantly hot. We had to wait several days for the repairman to come (and replace the unit, as it turned out). During that time, we added ice cubes to the cats' water, and they liked it. Now, all a person has to do is touch the freezer door and one or two furballs will teleport into the kitchen, mewing for ice.

Spoiled? My cats? Whatever do you mean? ;)

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