Saturday, August 08, 2009


News of the Deaf-Blind Communicator device is being coverered by the BBC now! :)


Gotta love it! And even more, at least I've gotta love that I know people mentioned in the article. I met (and exchanged Braille snail-mails with) Graham H. back in 1989/1990. That's when AADB sent a delegation to a deaf-blind convention in York, England, and when a group of British deaf-blind came to the AADB convention in Williamsburg, VA.

You'll see the phrase "Deaf small world" a lot in the Deaf community, as there are so many instances where everyone seems to know everyone else (or know someone who does). Well, the small world is even smaller, and there's even more of a chance for people to know one another, in the deaf-blind community.

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