Saturday, August 08, 2009

Yet again, the Royal Felines ate the bare minimum of the canned food they got.

I never in my life saw cats who preferred kibble to canned food. This is a new one on me.

Meanwhile, this morning, to make sure they'd at least eat SOMEthing, I put a few handfuls of their regular Oral Care food into the dishes. As before, they're having to swallow the kibble whole -- there's no crunching noise whatsoever when they eat it.

They both ate some food, as I watched, and then looked up at me with a "Something's wrong here" expression. Yes, it's called "the teeth you used to use to chew the food up are no longer in place, so I wish you'd eat the darn soft food when I put it out."

Sigh. At least they ate a little. I'll try giving them soft food again later today.

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