Friday, August 21, 2009

Update on my parents' friends, a couple who both got cancer diagnoses within a few days of each other.

Mr. and Mrs. B both have had their surgeries. In both cases, the docs believe they got everything. Mrs. B still needs chemo, and Mr. B. still needs chemo and radiation. Mr. B's surgery was also extremely complicated, involving using a graft of bone taken from his leg to replace the removed part of his jawbone, so there is a lot of medical recovery to be done from all that.

Besides prayers for the couple's continued recovery, please spare some prayers for their daughters (who are adults) and their dog, who is completely bewildered by the hospitalizations of first Mrs. and then Mr. B. This is a little shaggy ball of fuzz that the Bs adopted when they found him as a stray, and he's such a sweet little thing that even my dog-phobic mother likes him.

The dog is not eating with Mr. B absent from the household. So along with the prayers for all the humans in the B family, please also send a few that the dog suffers no ill effects before Mr. B comes home from the hospital. Aside from my being a softie toward fur-kids, I make the request because IMO the last thing the Bs need now is to have something happen to their dog on top of all the other trauma they are battling through.

Thanks, all.

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