Friday, May 01, 2009

Well, I have found two things that are useful as mood-boosters. One is to MAKE myself have activities that involve leaving the house during daylight hours. Sunlight is good, and in particular it's good for getting serotonin levels regulated. This is one suggestion that the doc made a while back, and it is right on target.

The other tool is related to the first idea, but it never occurred to me to actually TRY it: OPEN THE BLINDS during daylight hours. It helps. Aunt Rita said once that we'll be in the dark long enough after we're gone, so let the sunlight in now. She has a good point.

Morale levels still aren't perfect. I'm not surprised about that in the least. But I'm trying to turn even some of my symptoms, like near-complete loss of appetite some days, into a blessing where I make myself eat Just Enough not to get sick. I don't prefer, and certainly don't recommend, having one's appetite suppressed in quite this manner, but I figure if this is how things are, I might as well use the situation to my benefit.

On a related note, the Adirondack Phantoms will be starting next season in Glens Falls, NY, 280 miles away. At least we HAVE a location for the team; it's better than seeing the franchise go dormant for lack of an arena. The prospective Allentown arena's construction is on hold after state funding fell through completely. So the original plan of moving them into the Lehigh Valley, upon completion of a new arena, might be on hold at best, rendered unfeasible at worst. They might have to fulfill their contraqcual obligation to eventually get within a 200-mile radius of Philly some other way, one that doesn't involve constructing a brand-new rink. Stay tuned.

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