Monday, May 18, 2009

Speaking of St. Rita's Shrine, there was an act of vandalism there over the weekend. Someone damaged the statue that has stood outside the church for over 60 years.

I have no idea how anyone in their right mind would deface anything connected to any house of worship. It's enough to make me hope that the culprit, who I do hope is caught, is someone who's NOT in their right mind. Not because I would wish the scourge of mental illness on anyone, God forbid, but because at least then the person couldn't be held responsible for their actions. Also, if the person is in need of mental-health services, if they get caught, maybe that will be enough to get the wheels in motion so the person can get much-needed treatment. Then at least there would be some benefit coming from an otherwise ugly act.

If it was a person who knew full well what they were doing, and committed the act of vandalism anyway, then not only do I hope they get caught, but I hope they have an enlightment where they suddenly, clearly Understand what a horrible thing they've done. It's never right to maltreat people or property connected to any house of worship, anywhere. That doesn't matter WHOSE house of worship it is, IMO. If I want other people to respect me and my faith, then I am obliged to treat them and their faith with respect, as well. Thank God we don't live in a place and time where this act of vandalism would spur people to commit an equally ugly act against some other faith's place of worship.

If anything, this attack is a sharp reminder that the world, and everyone in it, is in need of the prayers that are going on during this Novena. Of course, all one needs to do is pick up a newspaper and scan the headlines; that's one way to find an ample supply of reminders of what a mess the world is. I hope they catch the responsible person. It's a shame that even in 2009, people can't go pray in peace.

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