Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sigh. I had to make some more changes to the blog setup. This time, it was how the blog handles emailed posts. The miserable wretch spammers struck again, and this time I realized that it was possible they had emailed a garbage post into the blog.

So I tweaked the way that blogger handles emailed posts to my blog. NOW let's see what happens. Bleeping scumbag spammers.

In other news, I have made a discovery over the past week. Every time I spend a day mostly on my feet, my knee KILLS me the following day.

I wouldn't normally care much about that, *except* that I am about to attend deaf-blind camp in nine days. From June 7-12, I will be at the camp in West River, MD again this year.

This will be my first multi-day stint as an SSP (Support Service Provider, or in other words interpreter/guide) since I reinjured the knee last July. Well, technically I was SSPing at the time I reinjured it, literally, But at that point, the knee was so screwed-up there was no way to compare the way it responded to use then vs. how it is now. A better comparison to make would be, "This is the first multi-day SSPing I will do since the surgery". So we will see how this goes. I will unquestionably be carrying pain meds and also an ice pack, Just In Case. If I have to ice the knee down at night, so be it.

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