Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mark and I had a great time yeste2rday. We went to the St. Rita's Feast Day Mass in the morning, then to the Zoo. We had dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse on the way home.

Today, I picked up a few last-minute items for the banquet tomorrow. We also brought my laptop in to have it checked, as my attempts to restore the corrupted XP file were not working. My concern is that I think the hard drive itself took a hit. :-P Phooey. But we'll find out.

While we were there, we took a wander through the store to see the other fun techie stuff on display. That's where we discovered, by accident, the solution to a problem Mark was having with HIS laptop. He has an HP Pavilion, and there is a little display light on the body of the computer that shows if the volume is muted or not. Mark's machine was muted and nothing he tried would bring the sound back.

We saw some similar computers to Mark's on display. He pointed to the little light on the computer. "See that? It's white, which means the sound is on. Mine is orange, which means the volume is muted."

"This one?", I asked, and touched the little display light.

It turned orange. What the heck?

I touched it again. It turned white.

The freaking display light is actually a touch-sensitive CONTROL BUTTON. If you want to mute the computer or un-mute it, just touch the little light. Problem solved.

I hope MY laptop's issue is as easy to resolve. I have my doubts that it'll be quite THAT straightforward of a solution, however.

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