Monday, May 11, 2009

GOOD THING Joe M. suggested we ask for specifics, regarding the dress code for the Knights of Columbus banquet.

There is a luncheon, presumably for non-Knights while the Knights themselves are installing their new fourth degree members. The dress code for that is "Sunday church clothes"". Fine. That, I can do.

What I didn't realize was that there is ALSO a banquet on the same day, and for THAT, the dress is formal. As in, I need a gown. Holy cow. On such short notice, this could make life extremely interesting.

Of course, the first of the Interesting Things is to figure out where in heck I'm supposed to change clothes. Lots of the attendees to this event are staying at the hotel where the installation is taking place. So it's no biggie for them to go back to their rooms and change. I, on the other hand, will have no such option.

Welcome to my life. Someone must have wished that Chinese curse on me, that I should live in "interesting times". First up: figuring out how I'm going to purchase a gown and have the alterations done on practically zero advance notice. I suspect there will be some blog fodder to be had from all this, when all is said and done.


Mike Wilson said...

If the Knights are there with capes and swords, any dress code is worth bearing.

Donna said...

True. :) My concern isn't so much the gown, as the length of time most places need to nake the alterations.

I still have post-traumatic stress disorder from the experience I had 9 years ago, as a matron of honor at a friend's wedding. The bridal shop repeatedly postponed the fittings, for which the bride and I had allowed at least three MONTHS of leeway. Finally, a week prior to the wedding, the manager of the bridal shop informed me that they were not ready and would have the gown by the day before the wedding. Unfortunately, I was going to be out-of-town by then to attend the rehearsal dinner, as the wedding was NOT local.

One very large spike in my blood pressure, and one stern talking-to from me to the manager later, I insisted on having the gown two days in advance of the wedding. And they proceeded to screw up the alterations so that the gown was too small.

So I am leery of having minimal lead time for alterations. Many, if not most, of these shops are under-staffed and over-booked.