Monday, March 12, 2007

Well, the Phantoms didn't win on Saturday. The officiating flat-out killed us. Were we perfect? No. But when one of the opposing team's fans tells your group, "You guys got screwed", you know the ref was downright abysmal. For details, and so I needn't launch into Rant Mode from sheer aggravation, see the game-day thread on the Phantoms Phorum:

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of posting signs around the neighborhood. "LOST: One Hour of Sleep. If found, email it to gabey8 at aol dot com." Sheesh, I hate when the clocks spring forward. As if I'm not tired enough most of the time as it is.

Then again, today I don't think the weariness is solely due to the shift to Daylight Saving Time. I ache all over and I'm freezing, and have pretty much felt that way all day. I have an unhappy suspicion that I'm battling some sort of cold or other germ, because the ache-all-over thing is something I normally only experience when I'm running a fever.

When I get home, I'm going to nap the SECOND I get in the door.

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