Friday, March 23, 2007

Good morning. I want to go right back to sleep. Instead, I'm sitting in a subway train at 6:35 AM.

Why? Because the temp agency called me yesterday and harangued me for missing so many days recently. It was implied, but not stated, that my Future Relationship With the Agency would be strained if I called out today.

So I'm going in, even though I really shouldn't, just so I can keep that particular option open for future long-term assignments. Though what I feel like telling The Agency right now would certainly impair my chances of getting another assignment in this lifetime. It'd be an unfeasible suggestion, anyhow. I mean, is it even possible for a temp agency to attempt a biologically impossible reproductive act? I have my doubts on that score.

Bunch of scrooges. All they want is their profit, which they only make when I report to work. Beyond that, I can drop dead for all they care. Hey, at least the rules we're playing by are crystal clear to me now. Knowing where I fit in the scheme of things will make that much easier on me from here on out. Temp workers = cash cows. No more and no less.

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