Saturday, March 17, 2007

AGAIN the temp is up to 102. *%&$#!!! Three days and the fever hasn't broken yet. The only change is that a sore throat and a cough have shown up to keep the aches and the fever company.

OTC stuff hasn't been getting the job done, and I want these symptoms *gone*. Time for the BIG guns. I have some prescription-strength ibuprofen, and I just took one. That should help. I hope.

In other news, Mark's channel surfing brought us to the last 1/3 or so of "What's Up, Doc?" I roused myself from my torpor to watch it, because that's one of my favorite comedies ever. The mark of a *really* funny movie is if you have the thing practically memorized because you've seen it so many times, but you still laugh. Or, in today's case, you know that laughing is likely to trigger a coughing spell, and you laugh anyway. :o)

Time to get back to watching the Flyers game.

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