Thursday, March 11, 2010


I've discovered that when I crochet with the 70s Music Choice channel on TV as my audio wallpaper, I can resurrect very vivid childhood memories of crocheting while listening to WFIL (which used to be a rock station) on my transistor radio. Some of the other kids on my block also could crochet. So we would all sit on someone's front step and crochet with the radio playing in the background.

Some of the songs from the late 70s bring back other memories. I used to have a bike radio; songs that came out when I was in late grade school/early high school remind me of riding around the neighborhood on the bike, listening to the radio. (For the young whippersnappers: no, I don't mean with earphones. I mean listening to the radio through the mono speaker.)

It's pleasant to be able to bring back, if not the nice times themselves, then vivid memories of those times. Never mind the old Bell Telephone long distance service slogan... THIS is "the next best thing to being there".

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