Thursday, March 04, 2010

Good day!

You know what a good day is?

Crocheting a pillow with a purring cat parked on my lap (or at least as close to my lap as he can get), with a Phillies spring training game on TV. That makes a good day.

Substitute "Flyers game on TV and Phantoms game on the laptop" for the Phillies game, and we have the description of last night and the answer to the question, "You know what a good evening is?"

Would've been even better had the Phantoms or Flyers WON, of course. Here's hoping the Phillies find a way to do today what their hockey counterparts couldn't quite manage last night: take a W from this game.

I am reminded of when I first learned how to crochet, back when I was in grade school. I used to listen to a portable radio while I worked. (Misty didn't do laps, so that part of "what makes a good day" wasn't an option at the time.)

Anyway, Constructive Activity is good and creating tangible items is a satisfying occupation. We'll see how long these throw pillows take to create (there'll be a matching pair). Then I'll have an idea of how much time, effort, and yarn will be needed if I decide to make more pillows as gifts or for the consignment shop in Center City that I recently found out about.

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