Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cue Barry Manilow's It's a Miracle; the SUN is out for the first time in forever! We've been hammered with rain, flash floods, downed trees, and wind damage for nearly a week, so it's about time we got a visit from Mister Sun. Now I hope it stays out long enough to de-waterlog everyone and everything. Enough already with the freaking clouds and rain.

Took care of the latest Medical Test this afternoon. Results should be back to my docs within the week. At least this test doesn't hurt, nor does it require a needle. It does, however, require a full bladder, which occasionally made life a tad more interesting than I'd prefer. Oh, that and the fact that I'm ticklish. That made life interesting, too. Sigh. But all in all, this was pretty easy as tests go. Here's to finding easily-resolved answers. Keep me in your prayers.

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