Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ya know those FREAKING indestructible plastic blister packages, the ones that you practically need a bomb to open so you can get at the product inside?

Well, my hands have seen better days, so I ordered a device called the Package Shark Pro to deal with them. I ordered two, in fact, since my mom's hands are in even worse shape than mine. They're supposed to cut right through the FREAKING indestructible plastic blister packaging like it's nothing. When your hands hurt all the time, which mine usually do, things like this are a tremendous help.

The order arrived today. As you can see, the Package Shark is enclosed in the same FREAKING indestructible plastic blister packaging that the Package Shark was designed to cope with. Whose bright idea was THAT? I need a Package Shark in order to open the package FOR the Package Shark!


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bo fra said...

figures eh,
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