Saturday, November 10, 2007

*WHY* do ads have Christmas music, fa la la la la la la la la
It's still two weeks 'till Thanksgiving, fa la la la la la la la la

I just saw the ad with "Deck the Halls" playing in the background. GRRRR... 'Tis NOT the season yet, not for another two weeks! Simmer down, advertisers!

Anyway, in other news, the Flyers and Phantoms have had a great couple of days. Last night, the Phantoms trailed 2-0 until the final two minutes of the game. Then Ryan Potulny, who just came back to the lineup after being injured, opened up a can of goal-scoring on our opponent, scoring two goals in the final two minutes and sending the game into overtime. He then proceeded to score yet another goal in OT, winning the game for us and basically bringing the house down. I'm so glad I don't have to sing THIS week, because I think I'm going to have laryngitis for a month after that crazy last-minute victory! :o)

Tonight, the Flyers beat the Pittsburgh Penguins at home, AND the Phantoms shut out the Binghamton Senators on the road. Outstanding work, guys!

Now all we need is to see the Phantoms perform as well during tomorrow's home game as we've already done on Friday and Saturday. That'd be a great b-day gift to me from the boys in Purple, Orange, and Black. :o)

My parents, Mark, and I went to Rexy's on the Black Horse Pike for my birthday tonight. OMG, I love that place. The food was absolutely great! They're the only restaurant I know that has bracciole on the menu, which I love. My mom used to make that when I was a kid, but then the price of it skyrocketed and the butchers in the neighborhood stopped carrying it, so bye-bye bracciole. So any time I eat at Rexy's, I make sure and order it. In fact, I raved about the bracciole so much that Mark AND my parents also ordered it, LOL. :o) Anyway, Rexy's rules. Go try them.

It's funny -- I had a long nap this afternoon, but I'm STILL ready to keel over and fall asleep. Though in this case, it's probably because I had a big dinner and now all I want to do is sleep it off. Good night!

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