Monday, June 04, 2007

On Friday night, I tried to call Mark on his cell phone while he was taking a short walk. Unfortunately, as has happened frequently in the past, the ring tone wasn't loud enough to be heard over the background noise of traffic, etc. This led to my being directed to his voice mail, and to Mark missing something on TV that he would have liked to have seen. Even having the phone on its maximum volume and set on "ring + vibrate" wasn't enough to get the ringing telephone noticed above the sound of traffic.

When he got home, I complained to Mark that the choice of ring tone was causing more calls to be missed than received. He went in search of a louder ringtone, and boy did he ever find one.

He bought "Scottish Farewell", from Monty Python. Click "play" to hear it:

I'm certain that there won't be ANY more problems with hearing the phone above environmental sounds. If the bagpipes in this ringtone don't turn heads, the gunfire and the screaming definitely will.

On Saturday evening, at the mall, I tried it out. Sure enough, Mark heard the phone. And he only got one strange look from one fellow shopper. I suspect that as long as the phone doesn't accidentally receive a call while we're in church, all should be well.

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