Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My new toy: Google Maps traffic reports. It gives a live update on the traffic conditions of major highways in the region.

It works on the PDA version of the software, and I presume it works on the desktop version as well, though I haven't tried it yet. I think it's a great idea, particularly since we use Google Maps to plan out driving routes. We might as well be forewarned if there's a traffic jam ahead, so we can anticipate the driving time accordingly (or else reroute the trip to avoid the problem).

Added to the shopping list: Swiffer Wet Jet. We HAD a similar product already, though I think it was a competing brand. However, there's no way to tell what it is now. The brand name, which I will presume was written on the tank, can't be located because the TANK is missing. Captain, Stanley, and Mark were unable to tell me what became of the tank, so I guess Plan B will involve just getting a whole new Wet Jet.

I'm still trying to figure out how in the heck the tank got separated from the rest of the device. The last time I saw it, everything was intact and the mop lived in the cellarway. As of this morning, Mark and I located it in the basement, minus the tank.

Those cats are hiding the tank. I'm sure of it. They don't like the smell of the citrus floor cleaner. ;o) Maybe I can bribe the answer out of them with kitty treats.

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