Friday, June 22, 2007

Like Jim Croce, Captain and Stanley now have a name. Or shall I say, they have name TAGS.

I have been looking for the Right Kind of cat ID tag for a while now. All I wanted was to find a cat-shaped tag similar to what Melody and Harmony had. You'd think it would be EASY to find a cat-shaped tag. Good luck with that. Round tags -- check. MOUSE-shaped tags -- check. Tags shaped like a dog, bone, doghouse, fire hydrant -- check, check, check, and check. Tags shaped like a cat? Not so common. At least, not so common if you're looking in PetSmart's ID Tag machine (make your own tag right there, on the spot), or on the mail-in form that I got hold of at my vet's office.

So, of course, I looked around online, which is where it seems I do about 80% or more of my shopping these days. Within five minutes, BINGO. I found the exact shape I was hoping to find, plus in colors that match Captain's and Stanley's collars, to boot. I was a happy camper, for sure!

That was about 10 days ago. I ordered a tag for each cat. Due to the way that particular webpage is set up, you can only have one item per order: as soon as you click "submit", the order is completed. If you want a second item, you have to create a second order. And this detail does matter because on Wednesday, lo and behold, Stanley's ID tag arrived. By itself. I kind of got a kick out of the fact that the only piece of mail we received that day was addressed to one of the cats, but at the same time I wondered where Captain's ID was, as they were ordered within a few minutes of each other.

The ID tag site doesn't have a way for a person to view previous orders online. So I emailed the site, providing the two order numbers and asking them to please double-check that the mailing address I'd given for Captain's tag was correct.

On Thursday morning, they replied that the mailing address was the same for both cats' tags, and they'd reissue Captain's tag. And, of course, guess what arrived in the mail on Tuesday afternoon? Captain's tag.

I emailed the site back right away, thanking them for their help and letting them know that the tag had arrived, and asking them to please cancel the reissued tag. I added, "Like kitty, like tag -- Captain always likes to take his time and investigate every little thing when he's on his way from Point A to Point B. I guess his tag decided to take a good look around the mailroom before making its way here."

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