Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Good News! I heard back from WinkFlash customer support, and they're going to take care of uploading my former Gabey8 account content. That's a relief!

The News: The leak we had in our bathroom plumbing about three years ago has returned. I swear, it's never a dull freaking moment around here. Last time this happened, we had to replace some pipes, the faucet, and the faucet handles. This time, Mark is going to start by seeing if anything needs tightening. I hope that's all that needs to happen, because this is a pain in the neck.

Oh, and speaking of "never a dull moment", this was an interesting little surprise. I paid a Large Bill by phone on Tuesday afternoon, using my debit card. (I don't have any credit cards anymore.) Within the hour, my bank phoned me to verify that it was a valid transaction. Dang, that was fast! Good for them that they're on the ball to that extent.

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