Friday, February 18, 2005

Some things I didn't feel OK posting from work. The part-timer who got the job I was going for is the lady who I've mentioned in prior posts. I have to check, but I believe I've referred to her as JT.

I can't bring myself to be mad at her. She had mentioned some months back that her husband, a preacher, might be losing his position and was interviewing at other churches. I don't know if his employment status is still up in the air, but if it IS, his benefits will go away if/when his job does. So I can see where JT would want to get a full time job.

I'm disappointed in one thing, though -- no matter what happens, when I've applied for jobs, it seems there's ALWAYS a reason to skew the decision in favor of someone else. Always. If I have experience in the job, someone eles without experience has seniority because they were a prior employee of the company. If I've already been with the company as a temp, someone with experience gets hired from the outside. People that I WORK directly WITH pulling for me means nothing: see this current job and see the receptionist's job I didn't get two years ago, about two months prior to my starting to blog.

If (*IF*) they open up JT's part-time job instead of cutting it, I'll apply. What the hey. Maybe between that and the unemployment compensation, I'd get by until I get a full-time job. A REAL job, not this temp stuff where the only thing that happens to you when you've got your foot in the door is that someone SLAMS the #$%&@ing door on your foot.

What I EXPECT them to do, of course, is cut JT's part-time position. Nothing else job-related has worked in my bleeping favor in the past four years, so why should this?

I brought home all my cubicle decorations today. Tuesday when I go in, I will make a last-ditch sweep to make sure that I'm leaving NOTHING behind that I brought in. The only stuff remaining will be whatever was already in the cubicle when I arrived, plus whatever notes I've taken on the various aspects of the job process. Someone might as well get some use from those.

Otherwise, as far as I'm concerned, when I leave for the last time, the cubicle will look like I was never there.

My freaking lower back is KILLING me. At least with the long weekend, I can vegetate for the next three days if I need to. Other than my lower back, I just feel numb. Inside and out.

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