Saturday, February 12, 2005

I accidentally discovered the easiest way to get Captain out of the underside of our sofa. This is easily accessible to the CATS from the back of the sofa, but jolly well impossible for Mark and me to get at. The sofa has built-in recliners on either end, so the only way to get underneath it is from the back, not the front.

Scenario: I am stretched out at one end of the sofa. Stanley is curled up napping at the other end.

Suddenly I feel little paws poking at the underside of the seat cushion. Stanley was accounted for, so the cat-paw-induced version of Bed Mice must have been caused by Captain's exploring under the sofa.

Instead of having a fit, demonstrating to Captain that going under the sofa will get him LOTS of attention, I just leaned over to the other end of the sofa where Stanley was snoozing. "There's my little boy! Let me give him skritches."

[skritch skritch skritch]

Captain could hear that somekitty other than HIM was getting fussed over. Oh, no. That would never do. Out he came from under the sofa in a matter of *seconds*. He came out behind the sofa and leaped up to the top of the sofa back, mrrrrping for attention.

I got to dote on one of my cats, AND got the other one to come out from inside the sofa all on his own. I'd say that worked out well. :o)

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