Friday, February 18, 2005

One of the internal applicants got the full-time job. They're giving it to someone who already works here part-time.

It's unknown at this time if they are going to make that part-time job available or cut it. With my luck, they'll just decide to do without the part-time position so I wouldn't even be able to apply for THAT. Because that's always how it seems to go, in the past four years.

My final day here is likely to be either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on whether they decide I'm needed for the remainder of the archiving project or not.

Every desk decoration is now packed in boxes and ready for me to bring home tonight.

And I am in the third day of a migraine which got bad enough for me to not come in yesterday. Wednesday and today, I judged my condition to be "not sick enough to stay home".

If I'm not here on Thursday, and it's likely I won't be, my paycheck will go in the mail.

And the soonest I can call in to unemployment and claim a check will be February 27. So they'd better finish getting my date from NJ by then. Right now, they're going only from the PA data I accrued in the final months of 2003, and that's not enough to warrant an unemployment claim. So I called the PA Unemployment office yesterday. They reviewed my application and said that within a week, I will be receiving a revised statement of benefits, once they receive my data from NJ (where I've worked since October 2003).

Whatever. I'm out-of-it, I can't concentrate on anything, my head hurts, my eyes hurt, my back spasms hurt, and I have other pain I won't describe except to say "my large intestine is sensitive to stress".

I slept most of yesterday and I have a feeling that I'm going to be able to say the same for this long weekend coming up. Migraines bring intense fatigue, or at least in MY case they do.

I wish I could just go home right now and play with the cats for the rest of the day. That's one of the few things I enjoy anymore. That and going to Phantoms games are two of the few things that are a GUARANTEED pick-me-up.

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