Sunday, February 06, 2005

Hey, all! Captain and Stanley here. Since our Meowmy is busy watching TV, we thought we'd stop by and say a few words.

We just want to say how glad we are to find a human tradition that makes sense to kitties!

All over the USA, humans are holding Supper Bowl parties as even as we type. Purr-sonally, we love the idea. We celebrate OUR supper bowls every day, especially when Meowmy puts cat food into them. We think it's high time that humans a-purr-eciated the glorious SUPPER BOWL for what it is and what it stands for. Supper Bowls deserve, not only a countrywide celebration full of parties, but their own worldwide holiday, in our humble opinions. In fact, we'd like to propose a parade for...

What's that you're saying?

It's NOT a bunch of parties for Supper Bowls?

It's about some human game called football, and their championship called the SUPER Bowl?

Oh. That's different. Never mind.


Captain and Stanley

P.S. So we thought we'd watch TV too, since everyone was talking about how this Supper Super Bowl has Eagles and Birds playing in it. But try as we might, we don't see any eagles or birds in the game. Just a bunch of humans.

Although, they're also chasing a ball, running around, and pouncing on each other. We guess that humans really DO know how to play proper games after all!

Tell us, is there any game that involves humans chasing a piece of string? We might like to watch that one next.

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