Saturday, February 05, 2005

All three of my previous cats lived to be senior-citizen kitties, and I
never had a problem storing the cat food in a bag in a place that was
easily accessible.

Captain and Stanley, on the other hand, are Mighty Hunters. No cat-food
bag is safe from them, as I found out yesterday to my chagrin.

I thought they were ignoring the bag, as did my previous felines. Nope.
They were studying the cat-food bag's habits for two weeks, that's what
they were doing. They ascertained that its resting place/den was on top of a tool
box, and that it retired there at all times when Meowmy wasn't doling cat
food from it into kitty dishes.

And sometime yesterday when I was at work, they attacked the cat-food bag
in its den, hauled it to the cellar floor, and disembowelled it. Never
mind that there was plenty of the very same cat food in their dishes...
they wanted to have a go at the treasure chest with ALL the cat food in

I suspect that Captain was the ringleader of this particular hunting
expedition, given that he's nearly always the cat who's first on the scene
to examine anything new. However, Stanley probably helped out when it came
time to actually tear open the side of the bag and eat the cat food.

Since we haven't got a proper canister to use at the moment, the remaining
cat food is now stored in a 1/2 gallon Rubbermaid pitcher. It seals
tightly and there is NO way that kitty teeth and claws will be able to
tear it open.

So much for storing cat food in bags with this pair of Mighty Hunters.
I've learned my lesson, lol.

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