Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Why did I get no sleep last night? I'll TELL you why. Because at midnight, I saw Harmony standing guard over one of these, sitting motionless under it and staring intently as it clung to the wall, up near the living room ceiling.

My bug phobia is LEGENDARY among those who know me, but I wasn't about to wake Mark in the middle of the night to deal with a centipede. So I headed down to the basement (and had to walk UNDER said many-legged invader in the process, ew ew ew ew, oh my freaking NERVES) to retrieve the can of Raid.

A quick dose of Raid and it scooted along the wall before tumbling to the floor (EW EW EW EW it's unnatural for anything that small to move that fast AACK get that thing away from me).

Somehow I got up enough nerve to approach closely enough to cleanly dispatch it with my sneaker. I didn't want it to suffer and I didn't want Harmony getting hold of it, since I recall reading somewhere that centipedes can be toxic to pets. (Even the ones that WEREN'T recently sprayed with Raid.)

So the centipede was gone, but for its revenge, I was SERIOUSLY creeped-out and unnerved for the rest of the night. Took me forever to fall asleep. GEESH I hate this bug phobia stuff.

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