Wednesday, August 04, 2004

OK, that does it. The ability to comment on posts has been REMOVED from this blog.

Nobody was using it anyway. Nobody except some people who decided to take their case for/against a certain job recruiting site into a war of words on MY COMMENTS PAGES. (See my 6/23/04 post for the one and only reference to said site.)

Sorry, folks, but it's GAME OVER. I didn't add a comments feature so complete strangers could get into a spitting contest over something I *mentioned* in a post. Right now, I don't care WHO has been reported for fraud, WHICH site is accused of being staffed by convicts being paid to register false complaints, and who else has done what else to whom else. I'm just POed that my comments feature was hijacked by at least two anonymous posters, and I've taken it down.

I hereby repeat the same things I said in my post, as well as in my RESPONSE to the comments before things got out of hand. If any company (including the one I mentioned in said post) sends you a recruiting message out of the blue, LOOK THEM UP and find the most current info about them that you can.

That's what I did about the company I mentioned in my post. Frankly, I was NOT comfortable with the information that I found, and so I chose not to pursue the recruitment effort. That's my right. It's also my right to say so (particularly in MY OWN WEB LOG).

I still have no idea who any of these people who posted comments are, except that they must be running the name of that company through a search engine and then posting comments for/against it wherever they find the opportunity. Please take your fight elsewhere, people, because my comments pages are now CLOSED.

Anyone who tries to shift said battle into my guestbook will find their posts deleted the moment I see them. I don't have the time or energy for this. Personally, I have my opinions as to who's being straightforward and who's not, but I'll keep them to myself since that's all they are. Opinions. But this much, I *will* say: if only one of the combatting parties is crooked, and the other one is being honest, then I hope the crooked one gets punished to the fullest extent of the law. And if BOTH sides are dishonest, well, a pox on both their houses and may they both answer for it. Now I'm telling both combatants to kindly get the @#*$& away from my blog and continue their bickering on some other site. Gosh knows there are enough forums that already contain statements from both parties, several of which sites I found by using Google.

P.S. I think I can keep the fanatics and nutballs away from my blog from now on. I replaced all occurrences of said company's name with a JPG IMAGE of their name. That won't register in any search engine. In case you were curious what company sparked the brouhaha in my now-defunct comments pages, it's . So there.

BTW, if I was uncomfortable about hooking up with said company BEFORE, I'm ten times as uneasy about them now, after seeing the war of words that their supporter(s) and detractor(s) had for one another in my comments page. I don't know WHAT the fighting's all about, but I'm staying WAY the heck away from ALL of these people.

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