Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Gee, that was fast!

[[Thanks Donna.
We actually have a candidate that we have already interviewed in the past and have brought back for a second interview that we are already considering for placement.]]

My guess is that this is one of the people they spoke to the LAST time they had an opening, a few months ago. That time, they hired an external candidate with prior claims experience. If I were a gambler, I'd bet money that this candidate has prior claims experience as well.

Oh, and that person that H from my department has been filling in for? The one that transferred into H's old job, after H transferred into THIS department? That person is coming back from her medical leave tomorrow. So H will be down here again, and they'll be vectoring at least some of my work to her again.

I'm so tired of feeling like someone higher up considers my position expendable, and they're gonna try rerouting my work to every freakin' person who works here, until they find some combination of people that can add my workload to theirs and get it all done on time. :o( I wish the higher-up(s) would listen to the people who actually WORK in this department, the ones who directly benefit from having someone doing my job and accelerating the workflow. THEY can describe the difference between having someone do this job and not having someone at all... they lived through it for
several months before finally getting a temp to help out.

Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is vent.

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