Tuesday, August 31, 2004

They posted another opening for a Claims Assistant today. That's Karla's department.

I didn't get picked the last time, but maybe I'll have better luck this time around. If not, well, I'm no worse off than before. (Besides the bout of depression that's likely to follow if it doesn't pan out. Big whoop -- what else is new?)

Karla warned me after the LAST go-round that her boss reeeeeeally wants people with experience. So even though I have ALL the qualifications mentioned in the job posting, I still might not be considered, thanks to not having CLAIMS experience (which is NOT mentioned on the job posting, not even in passing). But hey, who knows? I definitely won't be considered if I don't even try.

I was tempted not to even MENTION that I tried for this claims position, in case nothing comes of it. I hate seeing other people get disappointed even worse than I hate getting disappointed myself. But I decided that I'd rather let you know what's up so people can at least send up a few prayers that this works out. ;o)

Wish me luck.

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