Tuesday, July 27, 2004

So it's been back to Job Search mode for me, after the disappointment over not getting the South Philly-based job I interviewed for. The night after I got the letter informing me that they had decided on another candidate, Mark and I had reason to pass by the office, and their "Help Wanted" sign was removed from the window.

Beans. I really hate this economy.

I wonder if my blood pressure is still as elevated as it was earlier in the month, when I was in the midst of the interview process? I can tell you that since then, I've switched to decaf for the most part, other than first thing in the morning. Not that I was overdoing caffiene before, but hey. Whatever helps nudge the blood pressure back toward normal is a good thing.

I'm still looking for places online where I can possibly sell photos. Ebay hasn't borne fruit in that regard, and I don't feel like paying insertion fee after insertion fee for auctions that haven't attracted a bidder.

If I can figure out how to set up a freebie website (like on geocities.com, for example) where I can offer photos for sale, it might help. Provided I can also figure out how to publicize the information, that is.

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