Monday, July 19, 2004

I spent the weekend tired. I knew I would. Practically every waking minute during the day, I was fighting to remain awake and not doze off the moment I stopped moving.

Then at night, the drowsiness departed and I was wide awake.

Friday night through Sunday night, that was how I felt. Tired all day and restless all night.

Actually, it’s how I feel TODAY, too. Like if I had a cot to stretch out on, I’d be asleep in a moment.

I’m on the alert to see if the REST of the migraine symptoms show up (the light-sensitivity and the actual headache). So far, knock wood, they haven’t.

Mark thinks I’m taking the declination letter from the insurance agency better than he is. I told him, "I just LOOK like I am", but I didn’t elaborate. Why bring everyone else down?

Feeling like this makes it hard to focus on anything. I fight through it when I’m at work, though. Especially for the past few days. H, who has been seeing a bunch of work that used to come to me, was off for two days last week for vacation, and today she is on jury duty. (Is it selfish to hope she gets picked for a long, drawn-out trial? SHE has a permanent job and gets paid when she’s not here. It won’t hurt her if I stay "necessary" to this company for a while longer.)

I have some stuff to write about, regarding the assignment of some priests in my former and current parishes, but I havent’ got the energy at the moment.

So that’s two things I’m going to have to sit down and write about later… the stories from the Slap Shot fundraising banquet, and the parish stuff. Consider this the bloggers’ equivalent of a raincheck.

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