Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Mark and I went to the doctor's last night. Both of us were in need of having prescriptions renewed -- his had run out and mine was on its next-to-last refill. He also needed to get the results back from a recent fasting bloodwork, and I had to get something for the scrape on my ankle which has been getting worse instead of better after I've-lost-count-of-how-long.

In his case, since he had run out of the thyroid meds prior to having the blood test, his thyroid numbers were all fouled up and he needs another test in a few weeks... AFTER having stayed on the thyroid meds for a while.

In my case, my blood pressure's up -- no shock there. I told the doctor about the impending end of my temp job (bad stress) and the interview process I'm going through with this potential new job (good stress).

I also got a prescription lotion to put on this stupendously annoying, itchy, sore, refusing-to-heal spot on my ankle. When I fell on the stairs a few weeks ago, I scraped a few other spots on my left foot, along with scraping open an area on my ankle which had *already* been inflamed and annoying prior to my taking the spill.

The other scrapes from that fall are all healed. The ankle is not only NOT healed, but it had been getting steadily worse prior to the doctor's visit last night.

He gave me a steroid lotion to apply twice daily for one month, and said if it comes back after that, I have to see a dermatologist. Ugh -- that's all I need. I hope this lotion does the trick. I'm tired of having the Itchy Ankle from Hell.

In other news: my first eBay auction of a photo didn't sell. However, I've re-listed the item and am now hoping that THIS time, the auction attracts some bids.

I also listed the same photo for sale on , which is a pretty interesting site if I do say so myself. Free ad postings are a good thing. :o)

Now we'll see if I get any takers from either site.

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