Friday, May 21, 2004

Well, that worked nicely. And FAST. My gosh, the post was there almost immediately. :o)

This is good to know. Blogging via cell phone, etc, here I come.

Last night was fabulous. The Flyers won a VERY dramatic Game 6 to stay alive in the playoffs vs. Tampa Bay. What a see-saw game it was! We fell behind 1-0, took the lead 2-1, Tampa tied it, we re-took the lead 3-2, Tampa pulled ahead 4-3... and this was in just the first two periods of the game.

When the third period rolled around, the score remained 4-3 for what seemed like forever. Finally, with 1:49 remaining in the period... and the Flyers' season, had we lost the game... Keith Primeau scored a brilliant goal. I cheered my head off. The fans at the Wachovia Center must have been DEAFENINGLY loud; they had spent most of the third period chanting "Let's go, Flyers!" and trying to WILL the puck into the net for a tying goal.

Overtime was nerve-wracking. We had a ton of chances to score, but TB's goalie Khabibulin kept them all out.

That is, until we had just under two minutes remaining in the first OT period. Then Simon Gagne scored a beauty of a goal, and all of Flyer Fandom went nuts with joy and relief.

I let out the cheer of all cheers... my throat was sore afterward, but who cared? I have until Saturday evening and Game 7 to get it back. :o)

So, today I went to work and discovered that Ruth, who is one of the underwriting assistants and is also a major Gagne fan, had worn a Simon Gagne jersey to work. :o) Hey, Friday is casual day... a hockey jersey might be just a TAD more casual than is normally sanctioned by the company guidelines, but hey. Simon scored the OT GWG and kept the Flyers' season alive. I can't imagine why anyone would object. (Of course, mine is probably the least unbiased opinion in this time zone on this topic, since I like wearing jerseys, but hey. It's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.)

On the way home I had some errands to run. I pass what used to be known as the Audubon Mall every day when I drive to work. I used to go there with my parents when I was a kid, and I remember it as a bustling, active shopping center with a variety of stores. Its name was changed some years ago, though -- I think the new name is "Black Horse Shopping Center", or something like that.

Anyway, I thought, "Hey, I haven't been there in years. Why not hit that mall? It's right on my way home". It sounded like a good plan to ME, in any event.

So much for good plans. To my astonishment, I pulled into the parking lot and discovered that it's a ghost town. I've never seen a totally empty mall before. :o( I thought I might at least find something in the Bradlees, when I saw some people walking past it, but I guess they were just taking a shortcut. I drove over to the entrance that they had walked by, and discovered that the glass doors were completely dusty and dirty. No department store would EVER let their doors get so cruddy if the store was in operation. Plus, I should have been able to see light and activity INSIDE the store through those glass doors. Nothing. It was totally dark.

So that was a surprise and a disappointment... the Audubon Mall is dead. I had no idea.

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