Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Just a quick update, and then I'm outta here and heading to work.

I was a bit concerned because the bird seed in the feeder is not disappearing anywhere near as quickly as usual. Normally what goes in there in the early morning is gone before lunchtime. This time, what we put in there on Saturday is STILL not finished.

Ya know that theory I had, that filling the bird feeder would keep the birds from being hungry enough to eat the grass seed? Well, I had the right idea, but it's working in REVERSE. I saw the sparrows congregating on our not-yet-a-lawn for a nice breakfast buffet of grass seed. No wonder the seed in the bird feeder is lasting forever. :o(

Oh, and yesterday morning I thought I saw something green poking out through the soil. I thought, "That's fast! Only two days! I thought this seed was supposed to sprout in 4-6 WEEKS". Then I took another look. It's a dandelion. ARGH...

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