Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Hey, good news! The birdies have given the grass-seed buffet a few days, and they seem to have decided that they like their OLD restaurant, the bird feeder, better! :o) I noticed about a half-dozen sparrows congregated on and around the bird feeder this morning. *No* birds were on our future lawn chowing down on grass seed.

Maybe they like the variety of seeds in the feeder better, especially since the store-bought seed is made specifically to attract birds in the first place. Probably they also prefer being able to eat several feet above ground level, where they feel safer, instead of right ON the ground where they're more vulnerable.

Either way, I'd much rather see the birds making use of the bird feeder again. And, of course, so would Harmony. She sure loves that Birdie Channel on Kitty TV (aka the front window).

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