Saturday, May 15, 2004

Drat. Drat, drat, drat.

The Phantoms were eliminated from the playoffs on Friday night. (I was about to say "tonight", until I realized that it's after midnight and this post is going to be listed as having Saturday's date.)

I'm so disappointed. This team had the potential to go far, but our offense failed during this series.

I haven't seen a team with this strong of a chemistry since the year we won the Calder Cup. That, as much as the team's play on the ice, had me convinced that we could win it all this year, too.

Nope. No dice. The Penguins were a thorn in our side all year. During the regular season, they shut us out three times in a row. Take that, add the fact that their NHL affiliate sent down at least five guys who spent most of the season in the NHL, and it adds up to problems for the Good Guys.


It's going to take me forever to fall asleep tonight. Not that I have an easy time falling asleep on ANY given night. Thank God tomorrow's Saturday and it doesn't MATTER if I have my usual "can't fall asleep at night, can't wake up in the morning" start to the day.


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