Friday, April 23, 2004

Whew! Got pollen? I sure do! When I left work tonight, I noticed a thin film of dust on my windshield. I discovered the hard way, months ago, that when you're driving into the sun, things like dust on the windshield are a major visual distraction. It's like trying to see through fog.
So, I gave the windshield a quick once-over with the windshield wiper. Sweep, sweep went the wiper blades. That cleaned the glass off nicely, but that's also when I discovered that it wasn't dust all over my windshield. The wiper blades left a little line of not-really-dust along the left-hand side of the windshield, which was when it became clear that the dusty-looking stuff was quite yellow in color. To my surprise, it was a layer of pollen that had settled all over my car as it sat in the parking lot all day. I never saw so much of it in one place at a time in my life.

Geeze, I feel sorry for anyone who lives in that area and has allergy problems. The drug stores must have quite a challenge keeping their shelves stocked with antihistamines. Joe M. has called West Chester, PA the pollen capital of the world, but I have news for him. Cherry Hill, NJ could give West Chester a major run for its money. I NEVER came back to find a car full of pollen after parking in West Chester for a full day.

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