Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I thought that after about two days of almost non-stop rain ranging from drizzling to torrential downpours, I figured that all the airborne pollen would be rinsed out of the air (so to speak). Normally, rain does vastly reduce the number of airborne particles of all sorts.

However, we had a dry day today, and what did I come out to on my car? Another layer of yellow "dust".

Here's a view of the pollen stripe left on my windshield after I gave it the windshield-wiper treatment: :)

So, besides doing my civic duty and voting today, I supported the Darwin theory by transporting a bunch of pollen 11 miles from my workplace in NJ back to Philadelphia. Now if THAT doesn't keep the gene pools for gosh-knows-how-many plants varied and vigorous, I don't know what will. ;o)

Now I'm hoping that the Phantoms perform a bit of Darwinian elimination on the Norfolk Admirals, and push them one game closer to being out of the playoffs. Currently, the best-of-seven series is tied at one game apiece. I'm listening to the cybercast even as I type. GO PHANTOMS!

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