Friday, April 23, 2004


Freaking Norfolk scored in OT. The series is now tied at 1-1.

I'm sure our coaches will work with our guys to help them tighten up a few things from this game. Or, more to the point, to take better advantage of some of the openings that the Admirals gave us. We thoroughly outshot them, and IMO we spent decent stretches outplaying them during the past two games. If we cash in a few more opportunities, we won't have to worry about one bad bounce costing us in OT. We'll be able to win in regulation time.

In other news, the Stork has been pretty busy in the Flyers/Phantoms organization in the past couple of weeks. The enforcers for both teams had additions to their families. PJ Stock of the Phantoms became a dad for the second timeon April 15 when his wife had a baby girl. Todd Fedoruk of the Flyers and his wife became parents for the first time this week when they had a son. I made a sign for PJ: I took a picture of hockey gloves, used MS Photo Editor to just get their outline, and colored them in pink. Then I used Word to write in lanscape mode, in a large pink font, "CONGRATULATIONS PJ" across the top of the page, and "on the pitter-patter of little hockey gloves being dropped :)". Then I attached the picture of the pink hockey gloves in the center. Before we left the Wachovia Center tonight, I gave it to one of the ticket reps and asked if he would be able to deliver it to PJ. He said he'd do what he could. Heck, as long as the sign gets to him, I don't need to be the one who presents it to him. I just want him to HAVE it.

Anyway (as I sit here and work on making the thoughts of that darn OT loss go away), I'm sure that the Phantoms can win at least one game in Norfolk, where the next three games will be played. Our next win will guarantee us another home game during the playoffs... either Game 6 during this series, or Game 1 of the next series. Either way, GO PHANTOMS!

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