Monday, September 22, 2003

OK, it took me until the final phone call before leaving for the night, but I got my Harridan of the Day nominee.

This would be the lady who, on being told that the tech that'd been slated to work on her refrigerator was delayed at a previous assignment and we had to reschedule, first said "Well, I already had someone else come fix it", but when I asked if that meant she wanted to cancel the service order, she vehemently said "No!"

Um, OK... so when I gave her the next available date that a tech could come out, I didn't worry about the fact that it was a couple weeks from now. I mean, she DID just say that someone else fixed her fridge, didn't she? Well, this didn't stop her from blowing a gasket. "WHAT! I waited all day!"

I looked at her service order and saw she was full of hot air. "Yes, ma'am, I can see you were waiting from 12 to 4".

She was not mollified. "Well IF I HAD been waiting from 8-12, and IF I HAD been waiting from 12-4, I would have wasted the whole day!"

What? In *my* dialect of English, when I say "if I had" waited, it means that I did NOT wait. So unless I miss my guess, she was NOT waiting all day, and yet she was yelling at me as if she had. Fine, I'd play along.

"Let me give you the 800 number for customer service..."

"Yeah, 1-800-FULL-OF-CR@P!"

I'll never know how I didn't burst out laughing in her ear. I apparently have more self-control than I gave myself credit for.

She wasn't done. "I want YOUR BADGE NUMBER and I want to speak to your manager".

"Ma'am, I haven't GOT a badge number..."


"I'm *not* lying. I'm a temp worker, they brought several of us on board here because the office was swamped with work".

"Fine, I want your badge number".

"I don't HAVE a badge number."

"Then I want to speak to your manager."



"He's GONE for the day." (Which he was; it was after 5 PM. He comes in at the crack of dawn and leaves early.) "Even if he weren't, I'm only able to give you the number for customer service".

"What's YOUR name?"


"What's your badge number?"

"I don't HAVE a badge number. Ma'am, do you want to reschedule this appointment?"

*click* ... :::dial tone:::

To the dial tone, I mused, "I guess not". I summarized all this in the notes on the service order, because I have no doubt she'll track down the Customer Service number and call them. Freaking grouch. HER phone number should be 1-800-HARRIDAN.

P.S. I was relatively nice to her. When I wrote up the details, I omitted her rendition of our 800 number. ;o)

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