Thursday, September 25, 2003

The more I pay attention, the more I realize that SOME of the permanent workers are flat-out snubbing the temps. It's to the point where if that group is all laughing and joking, if a temp chimes in, they all go dead silent. I hasten to add that this is NOT all the permanent workers, but only a particular subset of the permanent employees. I already noticed this happening to a few other people, but today I saw that I'm now added to the list. I wonder if any of them have guilty consciences, because I'm sure they're aware that Little Miss Pseudo-Helpful blew what little was left of their cover yesterday. If they cared enough to wonder how much I knew about their behavior, now they KNOW I know.

So be it... that's THEIR loss, not mine. Looks like I'll have to pare down that list of non-work-related discussion topics. The nice people will still get "Hello, goodbye, the weather, and everyone's health". The rest of them will just get "Hello, goodbye"... they won't miss MY input, and I sure as heck won't miss theirs (or, more accurately, their lack of input).

In other news, there's a particular customer whose refrigerator repair has had to be rescheduled twice. As ill luck would have it, I was the one that had to inform her of this both times. She was scheduled to get the repair done today; unfortunately, the operative word in that sentence is "was". The technician ran into a delay and sent back his last few service orders to be rescheduled. This left me with the unhappy task of having to call this woman yet again to tell her we had to reschedule the appointment.

The moment I told her who I was and why I'd called, she hung up on me without saying a single word. About a half-hour later, one of the customer service reps (who are in an adjacent room) handed me a note. She said, "This customer insists that you never call her again. I nearly laughed in her ear". I looked up the service order on the note, and what do you know? It was the lady who hung up on me. I burst out laughing. So now there's one less Harridan I have to call... I can't even BEGIN to tell you how fine I am with THAT situation. LOL... people are crazy. ;o)

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