Wednesday, September 24, 2003

GEESH, but it's been years since I've seen such a group of back-biting gossips as the people in this office. I haven't had to deal with behavior like this since I was in my teens.There are a lot of people on varying schedules, so that there is always a relatively full compliment of employees who are in the office at any given time, so nearly everyone whose schedule overlaps with mine is here either before the arrival/after the departure of nearly anyone else. I've seen the way people get insulted and gossiped about when they're not present, and I don't think ANYone is immune to this treatment. I can imagine what they say about ME when I'm not there.

At least I've seen everyone's true colors, so I know better than to trust anyone here to be a friend. Hello, goodbye, the weather and everyone's health will pretty much be the only topics I'll willingly discuss under THIS roof. And even THEN, if I can just sit and do my work and keep to myself, I'd MUCH rather do that instead... I'm dedicated to interacting with people here just the bare minimum that I have to, to avoid being labelled "antisocial".

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