Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Poor Mr. Squirrel

Aw, shoot.

There are two parts of my daily Walk With Baxter where we tend to encounter squirrels. One is right near our house, and in fact I suspect that there is a squirrel's nest in our tree. The other place is around the corner, and this morning, we saw Mr. Squirrel looking fit and healthy. And Baxter got his morning entertainment barking up a telephone pole, when the squirrel decided that the human and the dog had gotten too close for comfort, and climbed to safety.

Well, we just had our dinnertime walk, and the squirrel from around the corner is now climbing trees at the Rainbow Bridge. He must have had an unfortunate encounter with a car sometime during the afternoon, poor thing. Romp in the sun, Mr. Squirrel. I hope you know I never would've let Baxter close enough to do any harm.

The one bit of GOOD news is that as we made our way home, there was a squirrel bouncing around near our house. So THAT squirrel clearly is not the same one as we'd see around the corner. (Which was a concern of mine. I'd hate to see something happen to the critter who I think nests in our tree.) So at least we still might get to see squirrels during our daily walks.

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