Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Prepping for Deaf-Blind Camp

I've been getting things ready to pack for Deaf-Blind Camp. I'll be there next week while Mark stays home and holds down the fort.

But one thing I categorically DO NOT want to take with me is this freaking HEEL PAIN. The Achilles' tendon area on my right foot, the one I need in order to drive, is swollen and is killing me, for no discernable reason. I didn't fall or have any memorable sort of mishap that would lead me to think, "Well, when that happened, I must have hurt myself." I just have this mystery freaking PAIN, out of nowhere.

Well, wherever it came from, it needs to go back. Like, yesterday. This freakin' issue had better be G-O-N-E by the time I leave for camp. I have no pressing desire to drive or four hours with this foot in this condition.

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