Monday, May 05, 2014

Happy Blogday to Me! :)

Hey, all! Happy 11th Blogday to me! Yes, this is the 11th anniversary of my starting this blog. No, I have most definitely not forgotten about my blog. I just haven't had too much in the way of major events to report.

But I will have some interesting things coming up. For one, I have been accepted as an SSP (Support Service Provider, or interpreter/guide) at the Deaf-Blind Camp of MD in June. I just got the email a few days ago. This camp has taken off hugely in popularity over the years, resulting in campers and volunteers applying to attend from all over the country. So I hope to have some blog posts to share from that event, certainly.

And interestingly, I have chosen to celebrate having a blog for 11 years by... purchasng a fancy journal so I can record some musings on paper. One thing I am not going to fall victim to is the kind of over-sharing online that leads people into embarrassment. We've all seen it happen. Perhaps someone vented their spleen in words that then caused offense or hurt feelings, or shared something that would have better been kept offline, lest too many uncaring people find out about it and cause backlash. Rest assured that I am not going to be that person. I'm more than happy to share the things that are fit for public consumption on here, or on Facebook and Twitter. That's fine. But the things that would be better kept offline are most assuredly going to remain offline.

Yet, that doesn't mean I shouldn't process those things at all. So hello, paper journal. Welcome to the household.  288 sheets, or 576 pages. Lookin' good! :)
I particularly like the kanji character combination lock on it. :) Yes, it is possible to memorize a combination that's in another language's alphabet.

I have not yet made my inaugural post in said book, but I will.

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Alexandra Baird said...

Hi Gabey,
I actually came across your blog because I am searching for journal with a combination lock for a birthday gift and the picture from your post came up in google images. It really is a beautiful journal, and I am hoping you will tell m where your purchased it from.
Thank you kindly,