Monday, July 09, 2012

Oh, for Pete's sake...

Ya know...

As if my cousin didn't have enough on his plate, as he cares for my very-ill aunt, I just got a spam email from his account. So some miserable wretch spammer apparently cracked his password. The freaking people who hijack email accounts really need to fall off a freaking cliff, and then when they land, let their computers land on top of them.

I emailed him right away to let him know what's going on. He'll have to check his outgoing mail to make sure there isn't a whole string of nonsense going out of his account, and he'll have to change his password.

He is the last person who should have to be dealing with this kind of nonsense. He has enough to do. Hospice is bringing in a hospital bed, and the existing (giant!) regular bed has to be disassembled and moved to the garage.

Dumb pain in the rump spammers. I wish their computers would liquefy.

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