Saturday, July 10, 2010


I had to call Barnes and Noble's customer service today. I noticed a crack developing on the frame of my nook ebook reader, right where one of the page-advance buttons is located.

As it happens, I was in the vicinity of a B&N store in Willow Grove this afternoon, so I stopped by there and asked for advice at their nook counter. They gave me the (800)THE-BOOK phone number to call, which I did. There's no question that my nook is within the 1-year warranty period, as the devices haven't even been on the market for a year.

I've got my RMA number and instructions for exchanging the machines, and the replacement device is on its way.

Here's hoping that they figure out how to overcome this particular design flaw. The replacement device might not be any different than the one I'm sending back, in which case I hope two things: 1. that the one-year warranty time period resets itself upon my receiving the new device, and 2. if this happens to me again, which is a distinct possibility as I'm an avid user of the device, the NEXT replacement machine will have whatever fix is required to prevent this particular form of wear-and-tear.

I picked up a pamphlet at the nook counter that appears to be about some sort of parts and protection plan. That might turn out to be an investment that's worth making. Ah, the joys of being among the early owners of a gadget.

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