Monday, July 05, 2010


Mark has a "lifetime" membership to a particular gym chain that is within walking distance of the house where he grew up. They don't offer such memberships anymore, but they used to. With his membership, he no longer has to pay a monthly fee, and he can avail himself of any franchise in that chain, including one near our home.

I, meanwhile, have reinstated my membership in a relatively new (and quite reasonably-priced) gym chain that opened near our home within the past few years. I'm not sure what it would have cost for me to join Mark's gym, but it's sure to be more than the cost of this place. And it would be silly for Mark to join my gym when he already belongs to a different one.

Which is my lead-in to my good news. Mark had today off, for the July 4 holiday. I went to my gym for my treadmill walk, and came home to find that Mark was out. Where was he? At HIS gym.

GOOD. Because both of us have got some fixing to do as far as our family doc is concerned. I think I already mentioned that I'm motivated to follow the doc's instructions for keeping my pancreas in working order for as long as humanly possible. Mark, meanwhile, has been working with the doc to get his BP numbers back where they belong. So we both have good reasons to renew acquaintances with the friendly neighborhood treadmill.

Here's to a nice, "Hello, gym; goodbye, evil numbers" result for both of us.

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