Friday, July 23, 2010

Mini the D-pet pwns Captain, Round 2

It's been about ten weeks since Mini the Chihuahua came to live with us, and the Resident Pair of Cats (TM) still give her stares like she's something from Mars. They get along with her, for the most part, but they still appear to be trying to figure out what in heck she IS.

Captain and Stanley, both cats who are firmly committed to staying in the In, like to sniff Mini when we come back from a walk in the Out. Or at least, Captain USED to like sniffing Mini until a few weeks ago, when we returned from a walk in the rain. Mini shook herself dry, right in Captain's face, and he ran away from the water-emitting Martian that just sprayed droplets all over him.

It's taken him the better part of a month to gradually start approaching the dog after walks again. I fear that tonight, we suffered a setback.

See, there was Captain, bravely standing nose-to-nose with Mini, immediately after we came in the door. The Martian promptly sneezed, loudly and vigorously, right in his face. Captain beat a hasty retreat to the far end of the first floor.

Poor Captain. He just can't win.

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